June 2, 2010

postheadericon CVS 101

CVS is one of my favorite stores. Not only is it one of my favorites, but it's also where I get the most freebies and deals.

The biggest money saver for me is to check the weekly flyer. That tells me which items are one sale and what items I can purchase to receive Extra Care Bucks.

What are Extra Care Bucks?  Extra Care Bucks or ECB's are rewards that are printed on your CVS receipt for qualifying purchases. You can use them the same as cash in any CVS store. They expire one month from the day that you print them. You can even use them the same day that they print. All you need to participate in the program is an Extra Care Card you can sign up for that online or in store.

My CVS routine is
  • I check the Sunday Flyer to see what items are on sale.  
  • I check my CVS coupons (they print on your register receipt).
  • Check for manufacturer coupons to match the sale so I can get the items free or for next to nothing.
  • Go to the store and stop at the coupon kiosk scan the bar code on my card and my coupons print.
  • Shop, use my coupons, stack CVS coupons with Manufacturer coupons and watch everyone stare as I bring home bags full of stuff for under $10.  (Sometimes even under $1 or free.)
Lately every time I stop at the CVS coupon Kiosk I get coupons for free Dove Chocolate.  That's always a nice bonus.  

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