July 24, 2010

postheadericon Smart Mom's Rite Aid Challenge

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 I have always been a loyal CVSer, only recently have I figured out that Rite Aid has an even better program to help you save money.

Rite Aid has four ways to help us keep more of our hard earned cash.
  1. Wellness+
  2. +Up Rewards
  3. SCR (Single Check Rebates)
  4. Rite Aid Video Values
Not only can you save money and get products for free, but you can actually MAKE money just from shopping.  I didn't post my money makers on Smart Mom this week because I was just trying them out, experimenting and making sure they really were making me money.

What I did:
  • Nueutrogena Clinical Free With Mail in Rebate.  It cost me $39.99 Out of Pocket (OOP) I used a $5 printable coupon for Nutrogena, and $5 off a purchase of $25 or more from Rite Aid.  I sent in my rebate form to Neutrogena for reimbursement up to $40.  I only spent $29.99 and I get a check from Neutrogena for $39.99.  That's a $10 money maker and I get to try the product for FREE!  
  • Zegerid OTC, I don't suffer from heartburn but there was once again a mail in rebate.  On sale for $10 I used a $3 on 1 in ad coupon, and a $3 on 1 Rite Aid July Video Values coupon, along with a $3 on 1 Zegerid OTC manufacturer coupon.  I received the product for free and then I received a $7 +Up reward.  Then I used the mail in rebate which will be a check for me for $10.  This turned the Zegerid OTC into a $17 money maker.  
So to sum it up after doing only two deals (there were many more available but it was a little over whelming for me to get everything together I'm a Rite Aid newbie) I made $27!  That is not bad.  Who is going to just give me $27?   I actually could have done better, a lot better had I added an extra money maker  or two and added the $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon I had for the Zegerid but I spaced out on that one until I was in the car and had completed the trip.  It was really hot and both of my babies were spent.  Oh well, I will be better next time.

Smart Mom's Rite Aid Challenge is going to be to do as many deals as I can each week that are money makers and see how much I make at the end of the week, then end of the month, and finally the end of the year.

HERE is a great resource to learn about Rite Aid programs.  Check it out and then join me on my Rite Aid Challenge!


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